Idaho Falls, Idaho – Dr. Slaughter’s Haunted House

Dr. Slaughter’s Haunted House
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Where: 1757 Yllowstone Hwy

Description: Dr. Slaughters living dead dancers preforming nightly. Haunted forests, and a haunted hillbilly town.
Website: N/A
Map: Falls&state=ID&address=1757+Yllowstone+Hwy&zipcode=83402

31 thoughts on “Idaho Falls, Idaho – Dr. Slaughter’s Haunted House”

  1. I heard that dr slaughters summer scream was this weekend, but i want more info on it… I was wondering what time the doors open and how late they are open.

  2. I went for the summer screams and i thought it was pretty fun but it was a little lame because it was so much better the last two years. it could’v been so much better but it was still pretty good….just not scary enough (which was stupid and lame)

  3. I went there last year in October and it was really fun! It was really scary but that’s the point. I went twice and the second time I was expecting the same thing as befor but they switched the rooms around, it was SUPER scary cuz I didn’t know what was coming next! :D

  4. HI. we were wondering how much is it to get in? And what are the times? Is it open all the time or does it have specific times for the sessions?

  5. the price for regular tickets is $9 and the fast track lane is $12 :) hope you all go and I loved it alot :) have fun and remember if your not screaming you are already dead

  6. I need to know if Dr. Slaughters is running nightly, we really want to go
    on thursday night but arent sure if it will be open. Let me know….thanx!

  7. Why is it that no haunted house i’ve been to has ever had “IT”!
    You know who im talking about, and I never see him anywhere…he is the one thing im afraid of…but ive never come face to face with it, so I dont know if I can it or not…
    Bring it on Dr. slaughter!

  8. Hi,

    My name is Lee, I run a local community events calendar:

    We are a free resource to all event promoters and local businesses in eastern Idaho.

    I read about your haunted house and I would like to post about it as an event on my site if you are interested.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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