Muncie, Indiana – Scarevania

Muncie, Indiana

Where: 1911 N. Granville Ave.

Description: Scarevania is one of Indiana’s scareiest new haunted houses in Muncie, Indiana. It was created by Brian Blair Studios (www.brianblairstudios.com) and Pumpkin Pulp Productions (www.pumpkinpulp.com).
Website: http://www.scarevania.com/
Email: scarevania@comcast.net
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Muncie&state=IN&address=1911+N.+Granville+Ave.&zipcode=47303


3 Responses to “Muncie, Indiana – Scarevania”

  1. Tammy Morris Says:

    I brought a whole carload of kids to your “Scarevania” The hours at one time were posted,they said 7:30 to midnight on the weekends. We got there, you were closed. I have been unable to find any current hours of operation and your website does not work, There is absolutely no contact info on that site, or on your billboard. I even contacted your web designer via facebook. We are Very disappointed, I am looking for other haunted houses to take my kids to, so that I can make it up to them. Huge disappointment!

  2. avery bowden Says:

    ok im the mad bro right now. like tammy said huge disappointment. you know if you had xboxlive i woukd boot you offline. worst place i ever been.

  3. avery bowden Says:

    once again fuck you

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