1. The old Union Trust building is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in CT. Sitting in the middle of the town of New Haven, it has been long known to contain countless spiritutal entities. A steady scream of encounters are often reported. Since the end of the Haunted Skyscraper page, it has been very hard to discover what has been going on since 2010, being the building is all but empty now. Reports of every kind of paranormal activity has been well documented in several books, newspapers and websites.

    Many feel there is a evil force which also haunts this location.

  2. thefirst

    The Union Trust is a great old building. It is full of terrific spaces in the heart of a great city. Is it haunted? I worked there from 1984 to 2001. I would have to say no. so many of the events that were documented could be explained by any number of factors. For straters, the lay out of the building is condusive for sound and voice echo. A group of college kids chattering on Church Street below could easily carry to the upper floors of the building and be mistaken for ghostly voice. There is an open air stairwell on The Elm Street side of the building that echoes even the smallest of sounds. Additionally, the boilers, plumbing, and pipes in the building are very old. As such they often coughed and sputtered. Banging was common place. Lastly, there is the question of the stability of the people who reported these ghostly happenings.Most of the reports came from security and cleaning personel that worked odd hours. The mind can do wonderful things when you are exhausted. Besides, it was my brother and I who got most of these rumors started. As the years passed people just started to run with it. Hey, it is all good fun.I suppose it is not beyond the scope of possibility there is some supernatural energy present there. so what? You only need to walk into a house of worship to find supernatural energy. But this notion of the place being evil-Please! It is a great old building. Some real charachters have managed to give us some really great stories. However, some of them are not true. I should know-I created most of the ones from the mid 1980’s and 1990’s.

  3. Pulsar

    Interesting how the last post claims to have lied for decades and now claims to tell the truth lol

  4. Pulsar

    Just a few more points. Paranormal activity is subjective by all means. I know what I experienced in the old union trust building and I believe other well educated tenants from lawyers to bankers who also encountered some amazing things there. If we are going to question the stability of those who witnessed paranormal activity, should we not question the stability of someone who would lie for two decades? What ever the reason for the change of mind is cool, be it Jesus or Budha. I know what I saw and heard as did others.

  5. Logic & Faith

    I worked at that building for about 5 years during the 1990’s. I had an office up on the 3rd floor. I heard about the ghost stories when I moved in by other tenants and the management. Nothing happened to me until about three years in when I heard people walking into the bathroom several times and no one was there. The hall was dark as can be then. This was around 1 a.m. or so. This happened several times. It was enough to make me leave until morning. So, that’s my two cents.

  6. thefirst

    Nice try. Would you classify every person who ever told a ghost story around a campfire or party as a liar? Doubt it.Some things are done in fun to stoke the mood. Seemingly your defensive posture would indicate that you know the real truth.Otherwise you would care less about what I thought. At any rate old friend it was fun while it lasted. Maybe it is time to invest in some more worthy cause like living your life in the here and now. Good luck.

  7. The Union

    Working there at odd hours of the night in my office,
    I came to the understanding the building was
    Haunted also. I think it is common for some people to
    Never experience activity, while others do. Some folk
    Working at the old Union Trust building for 30 years
    Never had an encounter, yet some who worked as long
    Or far less had some paranormal experience. I recall
    One women who worked on the 3rd floor use to bring
    Her daughter at night now and then. She always
    Told me she felt this awful feeling of being watched.
    People who worked on the 10th floor at night
    Also got that feeling. When those city slickers
    Bought the building several years back, they
    Demolished most of the floors and left the
    Basement, lobby, bank and Mezz the same as
    They were since 1928. The other famous areas
    In the building are sadly gone now. Just square
    Footage. 205 Church will always be a great
    And special place.

  8. The Union

    One more thing! To say it was boilers or old
    Pipes causing all the talk of ghosts is really
    Silly. Those who worked there for so long could
    Tell the difference between a pipe and boiler
    Burping. Voices from the street? Nice try, but
    It’s very obvious in that building when you hear
    Talking outside in comparison to all around you
    Or within an empty room far from street noise.
    Apparitions also have nothing to do with street
    Noise or boilers. It’s nasty to attack these witnesses
    As unstable. Not very Christian of you. I knew many
    Of the folks such as myself who witnessed ghostly
    Activity. So long story short, I believe 205 Church is
    Haunted as do many many others. You don’t have to
    Believe it, it’s not really relevant what you
    Believe, it’s what’s in the heart and mind of
    Those who witnessed the hauntings and the
    Energies carry the story and the truth.

    1. Smooth

      I also worked at the building and had several things happen which could be seen as ghostly. Some say nothing happened to them there while others it did. It’s up to the individual to asses the facts. Some lawyers I worked with had experiences there but for professional reasons remained quiet


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