Festival of Souls

Festival Souls is a 3 attraction event in South Florida.
Consisting of 10,000 sq ft Haunted house filled with actors who are not afraid of the dark, very intense moments, lots of pissed pants.
A pitch black maze with actors in black morph suits, squirt guns and shock panels on specific walls.
A paintball zombie shoot and other fun stuff to do for the faint at heart.
Food trucks, DJ’s and 2 full bars.

217 Terror Haunted House

217 Terror Haunted House is a high theatrical scare with animatronics, special effects, blood guts and gore hardcore, intense haunted house. 217 Terror Haunted House offers an indoor/outdoor attraction. 217 Terror Haunted House changes its theme every year so you get a fresh scare year after year. Free parking and concessions available. 217 Terror Haunted House also offers a friendly/scare safe trick or treat the last 2 Sunday’s of the month. 217 Terror Haunted House was ranked in the top 5 for 2012 and voted scariest and best haunted house in Central Illinois for 3 years. 217 Terror Haunted House is a legitimate haunted house and has been confirmed truly haunted by televisions TAPS and other paranormal groups.

North Fulton Jaycees’ House On Horror Hill

The North Fulton Jaycees present the 33rd Annual House On Horror Hill located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Admission is $12.00. Tickets Open at 7:00. House opens at Dark. Dates Open are: Thursday, Friday and Saturday through November 2nd and Wednesday October 30th.

Haunt Tour 2013

Take on the role of ghost hunter and experience the paranormal
DEAD ON. Imagine being in an actual paranormal hot spot for the
soul purpose to capture evidence of the paranormal
.Haunt Tour is unlike any ghost tour experienced in Georgia. No
stories, no drive bys of haunted locations. Haunt Tour allows you to
take on the role as ghost hunter and puts you at some of the most
haunted locations in Georgia. While on Haunt Tour you will need your
equipment so bring your digital camera, cam corder, and or digital
voice recorder. Call and reserve your spot today.678-815-9822