Roodhouse, Illinois – Roodhouse Haunted Hayride

Roodhouse Haunted Hayride
Roodhouse, Illinois

Where: Roodhouse Reservoir

Description: Haunted Hayride, and a haunted house, with concessions, and constant scary movies. Plenty of crazy movie character madness, and a separate night for small kids.
Phone: 1 217 589 4808
Website: http://www.hauntedillinois.com/eventlisting.php?mode=redirec
Email: gbfighter@msn.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Roodhouse&state=IL&address=Roodhouse+Reservoir&zipcode=62082


One Response to “Roodhouse, Illinois – Roodhouse Haunted Hayride”

  1. kurt Says:

    i was wondering if i could get a job with the haunted hayride

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