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Frightmaze On Fairchild @ Port St John Community Center

Frightmaze on Fairchild is themed rooms connected by mazed hallways, we employ live actors, anamatronic and pneumatic props to provided our patrons an experience they’ll never forget.

Address: 6650 Corto Road
City: Port St John
State: Florida
Phone: 321.631.4642


Rantoul Haunted Dungeon 2010

The Haunted Dungeon 2010 “David Cloyd’s Demented Dreams” promises to be one of the scariest haunts in Central Illinois. Enter this maniacal world for an in your face look into the nightmares of David’s insane, tortured soul! We dare you to enter the action packed SCAREHOUSE that puts you in the center of the action! Welcome to… THE DUNGEON!!!

Address: 128 E. Sangamon AVE - DOWNTOWN
City: Rantoul
State: IL
Phone: 217-893-8856


Haleyville, Alabama – Spooktrail

Haleyville, Alabama

Where: 129 Sports Center Gym

Description: Haunted house, haunted jungle, Dracula’s hidden refuge, the Dead End Cemetery, Black Hole, (not the one in your wife’s purse) Chop Shop, and other features.
Phone: (205)486-2223
Website: http://


Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Lansdale Jaycee Haunted House

Lansdale Jaycee Haunted House
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Where: Hilltown Crossings Chopping Center, Rt 63

Description: The 30th Annual Our Haunted House is over 4,000 Sq. feet and over 16 attractions.


Northglenn, Colorado – Asylum Haunted House

Asylum Haunted House
Northglenn, Colorado

Where: 11425 Community Center Drive — 120th I25 at Boondocks Fun Center

Description: Are you ready to GET SCARED FACE YOUR FEAR at Denvers Scariest Haunted House
Phone: (303) 453-0359


Between Albion and Churubusco, Indiana – Green Center Haunted School House

Green Center Haunted School House
Between Albion and Churubusco, Indiana

Where: The corner of 300S and 300E

Description: The Green Center Haunted School House is only for those ready for a night of twisted horrors and dark chills – what nightmares are made of! Dare enter this haunted house and experience a fright you have never felt before.
Map: Albion and Churubusco&state=IN&address=The+corner+of+300S+and+300E+&zipcode=46701


Carson City, Nevada – Grimes Castle 4000SQFT of HORROR

Grimes Castle 4000SQFT of HORROR
Carson City, Nevada

Where: HIGHWAY 50 BUSINESS CENTER 3579 Highway — Take 395 to Highway 50 East Go east on Highway 50 East just past the SaveMart Grimes Castle will be on the south side right of the street at HIGHWAY 50 BUSINESS CENTER

Description: Lord Avery Michael Grimes invites you to experience the nightmare that lies beyond his iron gates of horror Grimes Castle Carson Citys LARGEST haunted house attraction unleashes an entire evening of terrifying events for all those brave enough to endure the torture Not recommended for those weak meek or afraid of the dark We are ONLY open to for 13 nights 10101012 10171019 10241026 1030112 from 7pm10pm GIVE A TREAT Bring 2 cans of food Get 2 off Bring a jacket or blanket Get 2 offShow your active Military ID Get 3 off your ticket and each family members ticket too AND THERE IS NOT TRICK your ticket is only 10 or maybe even lessFull price ticket is 12
Phone: (775)220-5031
Email: www.myspace.comgrimescastle
Map: City&state=NV&address=HIGHWAY+50+BUSINESS+CENTER+3579+Highway&zipcode=89701