Meade Co., Kentucky – Field of Screams

Field of Screams
Meade Co., Kentucky

Where: 1 mile past Otter Creek park

Description: We are the first Corn maze last Take a creepy walk through a six-acre haunted cornfield maze. But don’t let the maze scene lull you into a false sense of security…Experience the Field of Screams! Not only is this a challenging maze, it’s also haunted – visitors will encounter numerous creeps, freaks, ghouls and aliens. It generally takes about one hour to weave your way through this cornfield. Don’t forget to visit the haunted barn as you cross the bridge on your way out – you never know who will join you on your walk!!

Payne, Ohio – Payne Fall Festival Haunted Cornfield

Payne Fall Festival Haunted Cornfield
Payne, Ohio

Where: State Rt 49, Payne, Ohio by the Railroad Tracks

Description: The Haunted Cornfield is back again this year scarier than ever. Ticket Cost is still a low $5.00 Not to mention on Saturday night there’s FREE LIVE bands uptown.