Blood Orchard Curse Return if You Dare

If you dare tour the Haunted Barns of Blood Orchard Curse you will get the
scare of your life as you tour the real haunted barn with 13 horrifying rooms of doom…you will begin your tour of fright with a visit from the Blood Orchard werewolf who just loves greeting fresh new visitors…you will meet the characters of Wrong Turn as they wist your minds with their room of death…you will get a jump in the corn maze as Jeepers Creepers will be there…CandyMan and his death hook await your visit through his maze of deception…The chainsaw of death will send chills up your spine as an 8 foot monster awaits your arrival….you will tour the cript of death, a room of clowns that are not to friendly as well as meet a nursery room doctor who sends screams all around the room…you will meet
doctor death and watch as he cuts up new victims to hang around his morgue…you will escape the barn of terror only through a tunnel crawl that will surely leave you with an uneasy feeling because you never know who is lurking in the dark tunnel…so if you dare to come out to Blood Orchard Curse we are eagerly awaiting new vicitims!!!!

Long Beach, California – M. Uphir Sanitorium

M. Uphir Sanitorium
Long Beach, California

Where: 3432 Karen Ave

Description: Opened at the turn of the century by a promising young doctor whose foreign exploits were a thing of legend. Come and meet Dr. Uphir himself along with his own cast of crazies…you may even want to stick around
Map: Beach&state=CA&address=3432+Karen+Ave&zipcode=90808

Rosendale, New York – “Scream If You Can” Haunted House and Hayride

“Scream If You Can” Haunted House and Hayride
Rosendale, New York

Where: Visit the Mad Doctor in his Laboratory, then take the Elevator to the Center of the Earth. Go through the Spinning Tunnel to the Insane Circus. Take a Hayride past the Haunted Grave Yard and Toxic Dump. All proceeds go to St. Jude Childrens’ Hospital. Oct. 7,8,9,14,15,16,21,22,23,28,29,30,31 from 6pm to 9:30pm.


Granite Falls, North Carolina – Deadly Shoals Haunted Trail

Deadly Shoals Haunted Trail
Granite Falls, North Carolina

Where: 722 Dudley Shoals Rd. American Legion Post #209

Description: A doctor goes insane, the dead walk again! A community is terrorized! To the rescue, the US Military! Deadly Shoals is proud to present their 2005 Trail. Join the fight against the zombie outbreak in Granite Falls!

Dahlonega, Georgia – Attic of Terror 4

Attic of Terror 4
Dahlonega, Georgia

Where: Located in the Woodmen of the World building above Cranberry Corners on the Square in Downtown Dahlonega

Description: The Doctor will see you now Set upstairs in the old Woodmen of the World building on the square in Dahlonega. Many tales have come from this historic site. This year’s haunt is based on the legend of Dr. I. N. Saine, who practiced psychotherapy in the 1950’s, once the building had been restored. Specializing in electric-shock therapy, this sick and twisted man took great delight in “curing” his patients with pain. It’s time for your treatment. The doctor is in.

Covington, Lousiana – The Scream Factory

The Scream Factory
Covington, Lousiana

Where: 319 East Lockwood

Description: Dr. Deadly, was declared mentally insane after it was discovered that the gooddoctor was performing hideous experiments with the bodies of the freshly dead, which he conveniently exhumed from the neighboring graveyard. Dare to discover the doctor?
Phone: (877) 666-3327

Salem, Virginia – Dr. Pain’s Haunted Asylum – IV

Dr. Pain’s Haunted Asylum – IV
Salem, Virginia

Where: 17 7th Street

Description: Scared? You should be… The doctor is in…. Returning for their 4th consecutive year, Dr. Pain has been up to no good all year planning for the Halloween Season. We’re dying to see you again…. Dr. Pain returns to his Salem clinic on Friday, October 13th. Patients will be processed nightly from 7:00 until the line dies. Don’t be fooled by other haunts that claim to be “the scariest”. We challenge you to see for yourself…