Lake Hills Haunted House

The two-story house on the lake has become overrun with evil and terror due to experiments by Dr. Goodenevil. The Doctors attempts to resurrect his daughter and seek vengenance on those he believes responsible for her death has unleashed unspeakable evils upon those who enter the house.

Coral Springs, Florida – Doctors Sanitarium

Doctors Sanitarium
Coral Springs, Florida

Where: 2141 N. University Drive. #114

Description: M.E.I.’s haunted attraction is back at Tradewinds Park with 3 different haunted houses to scare your pants off! This year our theme is “Doctor’s Sanitarium”.
Phone: (954) 895-3275
Map: Springs&state=FL&address=2141+N.+University+Drive.+#114&zipcode=33071