Golden, Colorado – Spider Mansion

Spider Mansion
Golden, Colorado

Where: 18301 W. Colfax Ave. — Directions from Denver Take 6th Avenue west until you meet Colfax Avenue hwy 40 Turn left west on Colfax Approximately 2 miles down on the right hand side you will see the entrance to Heritage Square Spider Mansion is located inside Heritage Square

Description: New Design and Expanded Layout 5000 Square Foot House Over 25 different Scare Points Over 15 Live Actors Rated 5 on a 15 Scare Scale
Phone: 303-794-7624

Concord, California – Cursi House of Screams

Cursi House of Screams
Concord, California

Where: 5625 Lewis Way

Description: The legend of Dr. Satan! That never gets old, although on the other hand, this might be pretty interesting. Probably not for young kids, or wimpy adults.

Griffin, Georgia – Haunt Tour

Haunt Tour
Griffin, Georgia

Where: North Expressway

Description: Experiance the paranormal first hand. Upclose personal and for real. Investigate real Paranormal hot spots. Bring your digital camera and audio recorder and be forewarned this is all real paranormal activity. Can you deal with the real?
Phone: (770) 567-9864

Milwaukie, Oregon – The Davis Graveyard

The Davis Graveyard
Milwaukie, Oregon

Where: 8703 SE 43rd Ave — at the corner of Johnson Creek and 43rd Ave

Description: An elaborate yard display All hand made props
Phone: (503) 445-3744

Hoffman Estates, Illinois – Forgotten Souls Cemetery

Forgotten Souls Cemetery
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Where: 625 Baxter Lane

Description: This is the third year of this haunted Yard Display. All props are carefully hand crafted and is for all ages. The yard features pneumatic props and various special effects….truly a site to see. Come see what the neighbors are raving about!
Map: Estates&state=IL&address=625+Baxter+Lane&zipcode=60194