Haunted Hills of Lynches River

Haunted Hills of Lynches River is a 2 mile hayride with many interactive scenes along the trail and a walk thru haunted house. Bring your friends and climb aboard a wagon for the hour long ride in the dark, spooky swamps of Lynches River. Stops along the way include a visit from some not so friendly Clowns or you may end up on the menu at The Slaughter House. Cover your eyes as the Devil himself rises from the depths of the swamp at The Devil’s Pit and make sure your bones are still attached when you leave the Boneyard ! All this and a creepy walk thru Haunted House where you get to re-live your worst nightmares !

Knights of Columbus Halloween Haunted Hayride

Experience unspeakable terror in the dark woods of Marche, Arkansas. WARNING: The Knights of Columbus haunted hayride lasts a frightful 20 minutes and makes no guarantee you will survive to tell friends about it later!

White Deer Hayride and Haunted Trail

This creepy night begins with a moonlit hayride to the site of the gore. After 15 minutes on the wagon to muster up your courage, you are delivered to the haunted trail. This is a walking trail (dress appropriately) where ghouls, ghosts, goblins, murder and mayhem await. You never know what kinds of creeps you’ll find throughout the trail…..Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Pinhead. This trail is not suitable for small children or wimps. Strobe lights will be in use as well as fog machines. If you have a medical condition that could be worse becaue of these, please use caution.

The hayride, haunted trail and refreshments are included in the ticket price. Cost is $6 per person.

Highland Farm’s Trails To Terror

2010 – Now in our Frightful 14th year!
We’ve summoned 2 brand new horrors to unleash upon you. Delamorte’s Haunted Hayride presents, “Fright At Midnight.” With each passing hour, with each peal of the bells, the demon hordes gather to enter and conquer our world. Inspired by the writings of RI’s own H.P. Lovecraft, 30 minutes of shear Apocryphal Horror!! Then, you and your friends have lost your way in the woods. You hear something.. you catch movement out of the corner of your eye. If you cross this bridge is it a way out or the 1st step into madness? You have just entered The Forest Of Fear!

** “Gets Creepier Every Year.” – The Narragansett Times **
** “Boo For The Buck: A” – The Providence Journal **

Ticket Booth opens 6:30

Del Mar, California – The Scream Zone

The Scream Zone
Del Mar, California

Where: 2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard

Description: The Haunted Hayride: a one-of-a-kind attraction where riders huddle together on a tractor-pulled haywagon while stalked by ghosts, zombies and other-worldly creatures! The House of Horror: features themed rooms filled with terrifying sights. The Chamber: features a spinning tunnel, and a scary maze.
Phone: (858) 755-1161
Website: http://www.sdfair.com/screamzone
Email: vmiller@sdfair.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Del Mar&state=CA&address=2260+Jimmy+Durante+Boulevard&zipcode=92014

Summerton, South Carolina – Boomania – Forrest of Horror

Boomania – Forrest of Horror
Summerton, South Carolina

Where: 1140 South Duke Street (Located just off of I-95, Exit 108.)

Description: Horrifying The Forrest of Horrors is a haunted hayride through the low country swamps of Clarendon County. It is the feature event of the 17th Annual Santee Cooper Fall Festival (aka Boomania) on the Clarendon Hall School grounds in Summerton, SC. The hayride is a mile long ride through the woods with 10 to 12 stops along the way, taking some 30 to 45 minutes per ride. Some of the skits are funny and entertaining while others are very scary.