Zombie Walk For Charity

Computers for Charity and the BGSU Office Of Service Learning present: The Bowling Green Ohio Zombie Walk For Charity. The Walk will start in Downtown BG on October 17th at 6pm. The Zombie Walk is similar to other charity walks but is zombie themed. Proceeds from the walk will benefit BG Teen Center, and the BG Christian Food Pantry. Please go to http://Facebook.com/zombiewalkforcharity to sign up and for the latest info

The contagion will spread from Serenity Spa & Salon or the Wood County Public Library (for overflow) where perticipants can get their Zombie Makeovers. The cost of getting professionally Zombified will be:

$5 and 2 non-perishable food items for basic makeup or
$10 and 2 non-perishable food items for advanced makeup (proceeds beinfit BG Christian Food Pantry).
Free will donations will be taken at these locations (proceeds from free will donations benifit Computers for Charity).

Once zombified the Zombie Walkers will then embark on a free roam walk around Ground Zero in search of Quarantine Zones (sponsoring businesses that are offering special promotions for the walk). Walkers will be aided with our event schedule containing a map of the Quarantine Zones and the Zombie Patrol (volunteers who will help walkers to find activities throught the evening).

There will be a Zombie Feast at Grumpy Dave’s form 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Dinner tickets are $10 and free will offerings will be taken at this location (proceeds benefit BG Teen Center). There will be a Photo Shootout (professional photo opps with our resident photagrapher) at this location as well.

The official Zombie Walk will conclude at Grumpy Dave’s with the Rot or Not? costume contest with prizes offered up by our Business Sponsors from 10:30pm to 11:30pm.

FearOverload Premier Haunted House

Westfield Downtown Plaza (Above Hard Rock Cafe)
547 L Street
Sacramento, Ca 95814

Oct 2-3 [7pm-midnight]
Oct 4 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 9-10 [7pm-midnight]
Oct 11 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 15 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 16-17 [7pm-midnight]
Oct 18 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 22 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 23-24 [7pm-midnight]
Oct 25-29 [7pm-10pm]
Oct 30-31 [7pm-midnight]
Nov 1 [7pm-10pm]

Contact Info:


Are you ready to experience true fear? With our brand new unique Haunted Attraction, we will bring your worst nightmare to life! With over 25 years of combined haunting experience, our lead design team is highly distinguished for our prestigious and thrilling attractions. Join us this October in Sacramento at the Westfield Downtown Plaza for the most frightening experience of your life!

Purchase tickets online or at the front door!

How our haunted attraction is DIFFERENT:

1. No “cheap scares” – Yes, we have also seen those terrible horror movies and walked through our fair share of haunts. The problem is these days that many haunts use mostly “cheap scares” involving only loud noises or scaring patrons from the front. Here at FearOverload we do things differently. We work hard to make your blood boil deep inside you by attacking every possible fear and exploiting as many senses as possible. We scare you from all angles and you will NOT be safe from fear even if you are standing in the middle of your group.

2. No forced guided tours – We feel that a tour guide in a haunted house is not very scary. Since we are a high thrill haunted attraction, we force you and your friends to adventure through at your own pace in groups of 1 to 4 people. Trust us – this makes it a much more frightening experience – maybe even a little too frightening!

3. No reused props/scenes – Nothing is more disappointing than walking through your favorite haunted house only to recognize some of the same rooms and props from the year before. At FearOverload we decided to scrap everything, we’re talking the full 100%, and start fresh building unique and creepy rooms with new props. Our goal is to implant fear and scare you to death! We think you will agree.

We know what scares you, you know what scares you – let’s do it again this October!

Address: 547 L Street
City: Sacramento
State: California
Phone: 1877-554-4048
URL: http://www.fearoverload.com
Attraction or Location: info@fearoverload.com

Joanna, South Carolina – Joanna Haunted Hospital

Joanna Haunted Hospital
Joanna, South Carolina

Where: Milton Rd, Joanna (hwy 66)

Description: Visit if you dare–the 8 patient rooms, x-ray, 2 surguries, morgue, lab, and much more. No other info available

Kenton, Ohio – Haunted Trail of Horror

Haunted Trail of Horror
Kenton, Ohio

Where: 5126 St. Rt. 67, Kenton, OH 43326

Description: Can you handle it? Come walk threw a 3/4 mile trail. Come see your favorite characters from your favorite scary movie. Can you handle it? For more info go to our web site. Admission is $9 per person. Open Sept. 22 through Oct 28 every Friday and Saturday. Dark till midnight. Hope to see you there! We will be waiting for you!