Lake Hills Haunted House

The two-story house on the lake has become overrun with evil and terror due to experiments by Dr. Goodenevil. The Doctors attempts to resurrect his daughter and seek vengenance on those he believes responsible for her death has unleashed unspeakable evils upon those who enter the house.

Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania – Screamin demons Haunted attractions

Screamin demons Haunted attractions
Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania

Where: Lakeside drive Harveys Lake at the old Hansosn Amusement Park

Description: SO SCARY. IT HURTS! An all new haunted attrcation. Opening fall of 2005. Features the Brokenharts Asylum. This is where Dr. Vanburen performs his many “treatments” on his patients. All professional haunt. High tech lighting, sound. Animatronics, high-end props, and even old-fashioned scare actors! Also featurs a real sideshow. A must see haunt.

Clear Lake , Iowa – D and D Ranch Haunted Hike

D and D Ranch Haunted Hike
Clear Lake , Iowa

Where: 2532 South Shore Drive

Description: The hike begins in the Halloween museum featuring classic characters throughout the years. A haunted, wild west town awaits the brave. Through the haunted town and into the ranch’s eight acres of pasture where terrors await.
Phone: (641) 357-1695
Map: Lake &state=IA&address=2532+South+Shore+Drive&zipcode=50028

Sammamish, Washington – Nightmare at Beaver Lake

Nightmare at Beaver Lake
Sammamish, Washington

Where: 2450 244th Ave SE — Were located at Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish WashingtonParking is located on 244th Ave SE just south of SE 24th Street

Description: Halloween nights at Beaver Lake Park are ripe with supernatural manifestations
Phone: 425-765-2713

Lake in the Hills, Illinois – Haunt 31

Haunt 31
Lake in the Hills, Illinois

Where: 340 S. Annandale Drive

Description: Haunt 31 is one of the fastest growing and most elaborate private haunted yard displays in or around Illinois. Their extensive animations, pneumatics, and special effects will surprise even the most expecting guest.
Phone: (847) 732-6373
Map: in the Hills&state=IL&address=340+S.+Annandale+Drive&zipcode=60156