Beccaria, Pennsylvania – Nightmares – The Haunted Mansion

Nightmares – The Haunted Mansion
Beccaria, Pennsylvania

Where: 3263 Crossroads Blvd.

Description: Nightmares This is a real 1860’s Victorian Mansion with 27 rooms and three floors. We have top-notch props, masks and actors. We also have a cafe called “Cadaver Cafe” that sells good food with tents to relax.

Pacific Grove, California – Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s Haunted Barn

Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s Haunted Barn
Pacific Grove, California

Where: 125 Ocean View Blvd.

Description: Redwings Horse Sanctuary invites you to a ghoulishly fun time navigating our haunted barn at the American Tin Cannery shopping mall store #116 in Pacific Grove, California. Rated approximately PG-13, though children as young as 3 have had a great time. Of course our characters have hearts and take off their masks and we turn on the lights for the little ones.
Phone: (831) 386-0135
Map: Grove&state=CA&address=125+Ocean+View+Blvd.&zipcode=93950