Abington, Massachusetts – Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion
Abington, Massachusetts

Where: 1235 Bedford St. (rt 18)

Description: Come celebrate 13 years of screams at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion. Killer clowns, rabid freaks, and bloody ghouls haunt the grounds of Barrett’s Haunted Mansion just waiting to find another victim. Our Mansion changes yearly, and different volunteer groups haunt the house nightly. Also, to those of you who think you will be safe waiting outside, our resident roaming ghouls are here to help keep the crowd on their toes.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts – The Haunted Mansion at Halloween Costume World

The Haunted Mansion at Halloween Costume World
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Where: 480 water St

Description: Enter the “Corridor of Corpes” If you dare! Over 5000 Square feet of Chills, Thrills, and Intense scares. Pack Full of animatronics, and actors all in the grizzly remains of the Haunted Mansion.

Carver, Massachusetts – EvilVille-Festival of Frights

EvilVille-Festival of Frights
Carver, Massachusetts

Where: Edaville USA Pine Street

Description: From the darkest recesses of the mind comes the twisted reality that is EviLVille Walk through the twisted alter-twin of an ordinarily happy place, created by a group of individuals from a recently closed, well known Massachusetts Haunt. See what happens when an amusement park goes BAD!!

Foxboro, Massachusetts – Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House

Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House
Foxboro, Massachusetts

Where: Walpole Mall Haunted House

Description: In 2006, the Foxboro Jaycees and Bay Colony Production at the Orpheum Theatre are combining their talent and experience to produce a 1930s-era haunt, located inside the Orpheum Theatre, Foxboro Massachusetts. This is the 18th year the Jaycees have presented a haunted house, and we are delighted to combine forces with the artists and actors of the Orpheum Theatre to bring Foxboro its best haunted house yet.