Frankfort, Kentucky – Frankfort Liberty Hall

Frankfort Liberty Hall
Frankfort, Kentucky

Where: 202 Wilkinson St — Frankfort Kentucky is located between Louisville and Lexington along Interstate 64 Liberty Hall is a museum that is open to the public and is located on Wilkinson Street in Frankfort

Description: This historic mansion in Frankfort Kentucky which is located between Louisville and Lexington in the central part of the state is said to be haunted by at least three different ghosts The mansion was built in 1796 and up until 1937 it was in the family of John Brown one of the first senators from Kentucky The story of the most famous ghost here The Gray Lady is connected to the Brown family The Gray Lady is said to be Mrs Margaret Varick an aunt of the family who came there to stay around in 1817 It seemed that a daughter in the Brown family passed away and Mrs Varick journeyed over 800 miles from New York to come and comfort them This was a rough and dangerous journey especially at sixtyfive years of age but she managed to make it Ironically she died of a heart attack three days after her arrival She was buried in the garden and although her body was later to cemetery she doesnt seem to have left Liberty Hall Over the years the prim and proper apparition of an older woman in a gray dress has been reported dozens and dozens of times She also makes her presence known by opening and closing doors through cold chills and eerie lights She may be the official ghost of the mansionbut she isnt the only one Another spirit is said to be a Spanish opera singer who came from New Orleans in 1805 to give a concert at a neighboring home Afterwards she came to a party at Liberty Hall wandered out in the garden and was never seen again Some believe that she may have been taken by Indians The other ghost here is thought to be a soldier from the War of 1812 who had fallen in love with a young cousin who was visiting the Brown family The legends say that he makes his appearance at an outside window of the house peers inside and then rather sadly walks away
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Clear Lake , Iowa – D and D Ranch Haunted Hike

D and D Ranch Haunted Hike
Clear Lake , Iowa

Where: 2532 South Shore Drive

Description: The hike begins in the Halloween museum featuring classic characters throughout the years. A haunted, wild west town awaits the brave. Through the haunted town and into the ranch’s eight acres of pasture where terrors await.
Phone: (641) 357-1695
Map: Lake &state=IA&address=2532+South+Shore+Drive&zipcode=50028

Portland, Oregon – Baron Von Goolos Museum of Horrors

Baron Von Goolos Museum of Horrors
Portland, Oregon

Where: One Center Court — Take I405 NorthSeattle exit take Everett St Exit exitright on Everett St proceed straight over Steel Bridgeleft on Interstate Ave 1st light enter parking garagesas directed

Description: Portlands weirdest Halloween attraction combines laughs and screams for a truly twisted night Chosen as the best haunt in Portland by the regions independent press
Phone: 503-797-9600

Santa Ana, California – George Newnam’s Casa De Calaveras – House of Skeletons

George Newnam’s Casa De Calaveras – House of Skeletons
Santa Ana, California

Where: Bowers Museum 2002 N Main St

Description: An educational, multi-cultural walk-through attraction composed of 5 individual scenes which bring to life Mexico’s holiday of Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. The total exhibit features 19 life-size fully dressed artificial skeletons in costumes fro
Phone: (714) 567-3600
Map: Ana&state=CA&address=Bowers+Museum+2002+N+Main+St&zipcode=92706-2731

Stamford, Connecticut – Maximum Terror’s Haunted Adventure

Maximum Terror’s Haunted Adventure
Stamford, Connecticut

Where: Stamford Museum and Nature Center 39 Scofieldtown rd

Description: What Happens if you get scared to death? Twice??