Albuquerque, New Mexico – Ghost Tours of Old Town

Ghost Tours of Old Town
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Where: 303 Romero St. NW —

Description: Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdez founded Albuquerque on February 7 1706 with the name La Villa de San Francisco de Alburquerque Old Town has continued to thrive for over three centuries on the banks of the Rio Grande River
Phone: (505) 246-8687

Seneca Falls, New York – Seneca Falls Haunted House

Seneca Falls Haunted House
Seneca Falls, New York

Where: 10 E. Bayard St. Seneca Falls

Description: You’ll keep telling yourself, “It’s only a dream!” The Seneca Falls Haunted House calls the carcass of a vacant church built in 1835 its home. This eerie venue is divided into a maze with over 24 haunted rooms and scenes featuring pneumatic and animatronic props, as well as live monsters. Get plenty of rest before you come, because if you make it out alive, you may not sleep for weeks!

Nashua, New Hampshire – Fright Fest NH

Fright Fest NH
Nashua, New Hampshire

Where: 12 Simon Street, Nashua, NH

Description: THIS OCTOBER… FEAR HAS A NEW NAME! Fright Fest NH, New Hampshire’s Premiere Haunted Attraction, is a thrilling & chilling event that offers patrons a heart pounding experience with 2 ALL-INDOOR haunted houses. Fright Fest’s mission is to provide a spooky atmosphere, packed with original scenes, props, animatronics, and live actors.

East Windsor, New Jersey – Halloween Fest

Halloween Fest
East Windsor, New Jersey

Where: East Windsor Twp. Rescue Squad Dist #1

Description: Welcome to the Asylum! This year’s haunted house will be even bigger and scarier than last year! Come visit the Asylum, and please tell the “Doc”, we sent ya!

Salem, New Hampshire – The Haunted Mansion and Forbidden Forest

The Haunted Mansion and Forbidden Forest
Salem, New Hampshire

Where: 350 North Broadway (Route 28)

Description: Pay to get in, pray to get out!! Survive the forest, and maybe we’ll let you in the mansion. A one of a kind haunt that combines never before seen sets, traditional sets and 3D effects.