Higginsport, Ohio – SCHOOL OF THE DEAD

Higginsport, Ohio

Where: St. Route. US 52

Description: SICK AND TWISTED! Built in 1880,Higginsport’s old public school is one of the many architectural relics from this era which still stand in towns along the river. 12 Floors of pure terror lurks in every corner, come join Michael Myers, Leather face, Jason, and Freddy along with some other evil dwellers from hell. *WARNING*..Not for the light hearted,small children, and people with heart conditions or weak bladders.

Kenton, Ohio – Haunted Trail of Horror

Haunted Trail of Horror
Kenton, Ohio

Where: 5126 St. Rt. 67, Kenton, OH 43326

Description: Can you handle it? Come walk threw a 3/4 mile trail. Come see your favorite characters from your favorite scary movie. Can you handle it? For more info go to our web site. Admission is $9 per person. Open Sept. 22 through Oct 28 every Friday and Saturday. Dark till midnight. Hope to see you there! We will be waiting for you!

Sheffield, Ohio – The Dungeon Cards And Games

The Dungeon Cards And Games
Sheffield, Ohio

Where: 2367 North Ridge Rd (just down from St. Vincent Elementary School and route 57)

Description: Door bells go off. Door opens and closes hallway is very, very, cold at times even in the summer! The strange things are becoming more frequent.

Xenia, Ohio – 19th Annual Psycho Path

19th Annual Psycho Path
Xenia, Ohio

Where: 520 South Stringtown Road (Trail at Caesar’s Ford Amphitheatre)

Description: The only indoor, outdoor, and underground haunted attraction in Ohio! Ohio’s only indoor, outdoor and underground haunted trail celebrates its 19th season as one of Dayton’s best scares!Join the Sleepy Hollow victims as they leave the Blue Jacket stage and prepare to slaughter all that enter the haunted and cursed woods of Greene County. While the Freak Show Deluxe proves once again that you really can go that far for entertainment and the Black Pitch Maze forces you to look inside at your inner coward. Psycho Path runs September 29th to October 28th, Friday & Saturday evenings from 8 PM to 12 Amóso it will be plenty dark. General Admission is $10, Freak show Deluxe is $5; Maze of Madness is $3; or purchase the Package of Death–all three attractions is $15. An RIP Pass that allows you to bypass the zombies standing in line is $20. Children under 12 will not be admitted without an adult. Call 937-376-4358 for tickets or visit us on-line.

Holland, Ohio – Scarewood Forest

Scarewood Forest
Holland, Ohio

Where: 9235 Angola Rd.

Description: For Make A Wish Welcome to Scarewood Forest. We are an outside haunted attraction that benefits the Make A Wish Foundation. We are open Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. til 11p.m. The whole month of October including Halloween Night. We are a family oriented organization. We have fun for all ages. We have a large concession stand. All of our ticket sales go directly to Make A Wish. We are all volunteers. Admission is just $4.00. Please visit our website at www.scarewoodforest.com, for directions and information.