Blood Orchard Curse Return if You Dare

If you dare tour the Haunted Barns of Blood Orchard Curse you will get the
scare of your life as you tour the real haunted barn with 13 horrifying rooms of doom…you will begin your tour of fright with a visit from the Blood Orchard werewolf who just loves greeting fresh new visitors…you will meet the characters of Wrong Turn as they wist your minds with their room of death…you will get a jump in the corn maze as Jeepers Creepers will be there…CandyMan and his death hook await your visit through his maze of deception…The chainsaw of death will send chills up your spine as an 8 foot monster awaits your arrival….you will tour the cript of death, a room of clowns that are not to friendly as well as meet a nursery room doctor who sends screams all around the room…you will meet
doctor death and watch as he cuts up new victims to hang around his morgue…you will escape the barn of terror only through a tunnel crawl that will surely leave you with an uneasy feeling because you never know who is lurking in the dark tunnel…so if you dare to come out to Blood Orchard Curse we are eagerly awaiting new vicitims!!!!

Bremerton, Washington – Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds

Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds
Bremerton, Washington

Where: 1200 NW Fairgrounds Rd —

Description: Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds attracts victims from Bremerton Silverdale Belfair Port Orchard Poulsbo Seattle and beyond for the annual scare put on in October
Phone: (360) 613-0480

Kuna, Idaho – Cabalo’s Orchard & Gardens

Cabalo’s Orchard & Gardens
Kuna, Idaho

Where: 2087 West King Rd

Description: During October we have a u-pick pumpkin patch.
Phone: (208) 922 3301

Shelbyville, Kentucky – Blood Orchard Curse Tours

Blood Orchard Curse Tours
Shelbyville, Kentucky

Where: 704 Kentucky Street

Description: Victims will be led on a wagon ride through a haunted field and barn. A headless horseman will appear on the trail that leads around the chainsaw mans corn crib. Victims will be released to go on a haunted walking tour through a 14 room barn where many well known scary characters await your arrival.
Phone: 513-221-2899
Website: http://