Plymouth, Indiana – Haunted Seminary

Haunted Seminary
Plymouth, Indiana

Where: 8320 Union Road

Description: This is a old catholic seminary bulit in 1934, there are many things that take place here that we still can not explain. If you are looking for an old fashion scare this would be the place.
Phone: 574-935-3079

Alsip, Illinois – Sweet Dreams Haunted House

Sweet Dreams Haunted House
Alsip, Illinois

Where: 11901 S. Cicero —

Phone: (708) 377-2344

Stillman Valley, Illinois – Trail of Screams

Trail of Screams
Stillman Valley, Illinois

Where: 9995 N. Girl Scout Road

Description: Trail of Screams is back to scare you senseless with new attractions, cutting-edge special effects, horrifying monsters, chainsaws, state-of-the-art scares, total darkness and more!
Phone: (815)965-6772
Map: Valley&state=IL&address=9995+N.+Girl+Scout+Road&zipcode=61084

Rockford, Illinois – Terror Cemetery

Terror Cemetery
Rockford, Illinois

Where: 7851 Old River Road

Description: horror story revolves around graves in the cementary and you go through the cementary and hear the stories.
Phone: 1-888-455-5719 ext.704
Website: http://

Sioux City, Idaho – Nightmare on 4th Street

Nightmare on 4th Street
Sioux City, Idaho

Where: 1227 4th Street

Description: Prepare yourself to be frightened like never before. Over 5,000 square feet of pure terror! You cn be sure that light will turn into darkness, good will become evil,and every step that you take will lead you further astray. Lots of darkness, creatures and state-of-the-art animatronics. Where your nightmares become real!
Phone: (712) 258-3327
Map: City&state=ID&address=1227+4th+Street&zipcode=

Littleton, Colorado – The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour
Littleton, Colorado

Where: 8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road

Description: These heart-pounding venues feature a zombie theme and an insane butcher. Don’t miss these walk-through, dark attractions filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters. Not for little ones.
Phone: 303-973-3705

Columbus , Indiana – Scaregrounds at the Fairgrounds

Scaregrounds at the Fairgrounds
Columbus , Indiana

Where: 750 W 200 S

Description: The haunted fairgrounds! Some parts are friendlier for the little ones than others. Spooky effects, creepy costumes, and gore galore.
Phone: 812-379-1665
Map: &state=IN&address=750+W+200+S&zipcode=47201