Wheeling, West Virginia – Foggy Bottom Festival of Fright

Foggy Bottom Festival of Fright
Wheeling, West Virginia

Where: 68 East Cove Ave. — Take I70 to Exit 5 ELM GROVE Turn Left onto Rt 40 At the traffic light by McDonaldsgo straight TURN at next LEFT at FIRE STATION Go 1000 Feet to entrance to Foggy Bottom and Elm Grove Lanes

Description: Come see the Racoon State Park Incident Get lost in the updated Maniac Maze and venture deeper into the bone chilling fog at the Legend House
Phone: 3042427888
Website: http://www.festivaloffright.net
Email: rich@foggybottom.net
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Wheeling&state=WV&address=68+East+Cove+Ave.&zipcode=26003

Gladstone, Idaho – Fall Harvest Festival and Haunted Wagon Ride at James River State Park

Fall Harvest Festival and Haunted Wagon Ride at James River State Park
Gladstone, Idaho

Where: James River State Park Route 1

Description: Join us for food, live music and good old-fashioned fun for the whole family. Wagon rides to the Tye River Overlook are $3 per person or $8 per family. And don’t miss face painting, candle dipping, the corn husking bee, pumpkin painting, butter churning, herbal butter tasting, apple pressing, a corn shelling demonstration, apple bobbing, sack races and corn husk doll making.
Phone: (434) 933-4355
Website: http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/jam.shtml
Email: jamesriver@dcr.virginia.gov
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Gladstone&state=ID&address=James+River+State+Park+Route+1&zipcode=24553