Fayetteville, Arkansas – Terror on the Square

Terror on the Square
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Where: 15 W. Mountain Street —

Description: In our 10th year haunting Fayetteville the Producers of the Haunted Hall bring you Terror on the Square 3 This years haunted house promises to deliver the scares at a reasonable price
Phone: 479-587-9944
Website: http://www.twncenter.com/terror/
Email: sbennett@twncenter.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Fayetteville&state=AR&address=15+W.+Mountain+Street&zipcode=72701

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Midnight Production

Midnight Production
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Where: 832 Saint Phillip St — The 13th Gate lies at 832 Saint Philip Street downtown Baton Rouge in the old Steinbergs Sporting Goods building It is almost under the I10 Mississippi River Bridge next to the Belle Casino and Pasttime Restaurant

Description: The 13th Gate Louisiana Nightmares and The Maize
Phone: 225-389-1313
Website: http://www.midnightproduction.com
Email: Dwayne@midnightproduction.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Baton Rouge&state=LA&address=832+Saint+Phillip+St&zipcode=70802

Long Beach, California – Victorian House of Horrors

Victorian House of Horrors
Long Beach, California

Where: 3432 Karen Ave

Description: Come see what Jack did in Whitechapel and what the Headless horseman did in Sleepy Hollow! This haunted house is not for the weak at heart. Features include a London street scene, scary doll room, a fortune teller booth, an autopsy room, laser room, a mauseleum and graveyard. Heads will roll!
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Long Beach&state=CA&address=3432+Karen+Ave&zipcode=90808

Portland, Oregon – Hysteria City

Hysteria City
Portland, Oregon

Where: 12000 SE 82nd Ave —

Description: In the deepest darkest recesses of Portland hides a dark and broken city of the dead Four haunted houses on a street of screams Portlands largest Halloween event
Phone: 1-888–
Website: http://www.hysteriacity.com/id81.html
Email: info@hysteriacity.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Portland&state=OR&address=12000+SE+82nd+Ave&zipcode=97266

JACKSONVILLE, Arkansas – Fear Asylum Haunted House

Fear Asylum Haunted House

Where: 1920 WEST MAIN STREET —

Description: Fear Asylum Haunted House the scariest house of the 2008 halloween season comes to central Arkansas upon being committed to this fatal institution you will encounter the most evil and madness from within these dark and desolate walls then you have ever encountered
Phone: 501-398-3327
Website: http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_in_jacksonville_Arka
Email: fearasylumhauntedhouse@yahoo.com

Carson City, Nevada – Grimes Castle

Grimes Castle
Carson City, Nevada

Where: 4209 South Carson Street —

Description: Lord Avery Michael Grimes invites you to experience the nightmare that lies beyond his iron gates of horror Grimes Castle Carson Citys newest haunted house attraction unleashes an entire evening of terrifying events for all of those brave enough to endure the torture
Phone: (775) 882-8662
Website: http://www.grimescastle.com
Email: LordGrimes@grimescastle.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Carson City&state=NV&address=4209+South+Carson+Street&zipcode=89701

Summerton, South Carolina – Boomania – Forrest of Horror

Boomania – Forrest of Horror
Summerton, South Carolina

Where: 1140 South Duke Street (Located just off of I-95, Exit 108.)

Description: Horrifying The Forrest of Horrors is a haunted hayride through the low country swamps of Clarendon County. It is the feature event of the 17th Annual Santee Cooper Fall Festival (aka Boomania) on the Clarendon Hall School grounds in Summerton, SC. The hayride is a mile long ride through the woods with 10 to 12 stops along the way, taking some 30 to 45 minutes per ride. Some of the skits are funny and entertaining while others are very scary.