Fear Overload Haunted Houses in the SF Bay Area, California

Featuring 2 NEW Horrifying Haunted Houses in San Leandro CA *Voted scariest in California -HauntWorld. Visit us at the Bayfair Center for the most frightening experience of your life. Check our website for specifics.

Blood Orchard Curse Return if You Dare

If you dare tour the Haunted Barns of Blood Orchard Curse you will get the
scare of your life as you tour the real haunted barn with 13 horrifying rooms of doom…you will begin your tour of fright with a visit from the Blood Orchard werewolf who just loves greeting fresh new visitors…you will meet the characters of Wrong Turn as they wist your minds with their room of death…you will get a jump in the corn maze as Jeepers Creepers will be there…CandyMan and his death hook await your visit through his maze of deception…The chainsaw of death will send chills up your spine as an 8 foot monster awaits your arrival….you will tour the cript of death, a room of clowns that are not to friendly as well as meet a nursery room doctor who sends screams all around the room…you will meet
doctor death and watch as he cuts up new victims to hang around his morgue…you will escape the barn of terror only through a tunnel crawl that will surely leave you with an uneasy feeling because you never know who is lurking in the dark tunnel…so if you dare to come out to Blood Orchard Curse we are eagerly awaiting new vicitims!!!!

Lebanon Theatre Hauntings

Experience an evening of light-hearted Halloween Magic followed by a dark turn into unnerving Paranormal Theatre. Join local magicians Scott Meyer, Sean Owens, and Brahm Corstanje (a.k.a., The Haunted One®), for a memorable evening of Halloween-themed entertainment! The production is “rated” PG-13, as some of the subject-matter may be too intense for persons under 13 years old. Visit www.LTCplays.com for details and tickets.

Governors Square Massacre

Haunted House attraction hosted by the Shelbyville fire department. You will enter the attraction and be amazed at the transformation of this building. This is our second year running and with two large donations of props and equipment this should be one of the best around. All proceeds will go to benefit local charities. So if you would like a scare of a lifetime come on out and visit.

Joanna, South Carolina – Joanna Haunted Hospital

Joanna Haunted Hospital
Joanna, South Carolina

Where: Milton Rd, Joanna (hwy 66)

Description: Visit if you dare–the 8 patient rooms, x-ray, 2 surguries, morgue, lab, and much more. No other info available

Hiddenite, North Carolina – Camp Fear

Camp Fear
Hiddenite, North Carolina

Where: Hiddenite Family Campground

Description: Come join us for a walk of terror on our trail of fears, not the same old haunted house visit but a wicked collection of your deepest fears set up to give you the time of your life…..or death.

Liberty, North Carolina – DarkWoods Haunted Acres

DarkWoods Haunted Acres
Liberty, North Carolina

Where: 6780 Layton Road

Description: Come visit the haunted house, haunted trail to the old burying ground, and outdoor maze…