A Petrified Forest

We have pulled out all the stops this year. With 2 outdoor scare trails, bigger and better! All new each year with more intensity and creativity than ever. In our “Front Yard” enjoy impromptu characters, live bands and entertainment on stage, vendors, great food, and as always, watching the unsuspecting guests run out of the trails.

This year, A Petrified Forest is bringing back your past; your demented childhood on steroids! All those sweet storybook fables your parents used to read to you, as you drifted into dream land… The ones that taught you all the little lessons of life. They were a lie! A twisted lie to cover up the truth, just so you would go to sleep. The oh so common little white lie, “There’s nothing under your bed sweetie”. That was just to get you to shut up and go to sleep. They never really looked! Truth is… There ARE Scary Tales!!! There are Monsters Under your bed!!! and we have the proof. Come see it for yourself!

Please see our website for more details and special events! http://apetrifiedforest.com/index.html


Address: 1360 E. Altamonte Dr.
City: Altamonte Springs
State: Florida
Email: apetrifiedforest@yahoo.com
Phone: 407-468-6600
URL: http://apetrifiedforest.com/index.html

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