Arx Mortis – Killen, Alabama

Premiering October 1st, 2010, Arx Mortis (located in Killen, Alabama) has the pleasure of bringing you the LARGEST and MOST INTENSE commercial Haunted Attraction in North Alabama, with over 50,000 square feet of INDOOR terror!

Arx Mortis is located in the former Graystone Manor facility, however this is a COMPLETELY new attraction from start to finish. Arx Mortis is’s BETTER…and it’s a whole lot SCARIER than anything you’ll find in North Alabama.

Featuring movie quality special effects & sound, live actors, and professional animatronics – we’ll immerse you completely in the experience from the moment you walk through our front door until you run screaming out the exit.

Check out our official website to see pics of our actors during our latest dress rehearsal –

You can also see us online at:


Address: 4051 Highway 72
City: Killen
State: AL


  1. What are you hours and what day does it start? Also, how much is it?


  2. their websit say it has 3 different attractions in it. 2 of the attractions are 15 and for both of those its 25 the other one is 7 because its where you use paintball guns to ‘kill’ live monsters.


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