Butteville Manor Haunt

Imagine and already presumed haunted house, now set up an attraction in it. This house has further been researched and is over 150 years old. This year we bring back Butteville Manor, but better than ever before……
Years after the state closed Butteville Manor Bed and Breakfast, the owner, Mr. Pepper was admitted to a local hospital for the criminally insane. The demise of Mr. Peppers morbid plan to contain and torture anyone to check into the manor had taken a toll on him. Mr Pepper was too much to handle at the local state facility, which prompted them to open a smaller more secure facility, more so an adult foster care for the extreme cases. Much to Mr Peppers surprise the facility he would be moving into would be the former Butteville Manor.


Address: 20775 Butteville Rd NE
City: Aurora
State: Oregon
Email: ckelly14@live.com
Phone: 503.752.8692
URL: http://www.buttevillemanorhaunt.com

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