Caldwell, Idaho – The Haunted World

The Haunted World
Caldwell, Idaho

Where: 20031 Northside Blvd

Description: The Haunted World is only the most scary place in the Treasure Valley that comes to life in the Fall of every year. The original Haunted World is outdoors and covers about 25 acres. Skullvania is our newest indoor asylum and is completely separate from the outdoor haunt. You must experience both to get the spine tingling adventure that completes everyone’s desire to be scared half to death!
Phone: (208) 468-0953

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  1. I was wondering if on Halloween ALL the actors will be at the Haunted World. Halloween is a Wednesday, so I just want to make sure before making the drive. We have been there on the weekends and it is much better then on the weekdays. Please email me back. Thank you for your frightful entertainment!


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