Elysburg, Pennsylvania – Elysburg Haunted House

Elysburg Haunted House
Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Where: S.R. 487 at the Valley Gun Club

Description: Benefits the Elysburg and Overlook Fire Depts. Upon entering the line, you will be met by some of our ghouls that are prowling about. Once you reach the end of the line you will be directed up the wooded entrance path. After surviving the entrance path you will enter the house, Good Luck- no turning back now. If you manage to escape the house and think you are safe, you will retreat down a wooded exit path. Beware of the paths, they are full of suprises!

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  1. To whom this concerns..We called 672-2920 yesterday to ask questions of cost, and directions.. We were going to go yesterday till the man that we spoke with on the phone said it was opened till 10/31/10 today..So we just got back from there and it was closed. Had we not called and been miss informed we would have been there last night. This is upsetting as we drove from Hummels Wharf and was about 42 miles round trip in a SUV.(A waste of time and gas) Is there anything you can do for us next year seeing how we drove there for nothing after calling? Please let us know..


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