Forbidden Forest Horror Trail

Don’t fear the forest….fear what lies within! Do you dare to come take a stroll through the Forbidden Forest? You will see many faces…some well known..and some never seen before.
Proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Concessions and t-shirts available.


Address: 14210 Old Beatty Ford Road
City: Rockwell
State: NC
Phone: 704-223-2765


  1. Sometimes areas aught to be forbidden for a while, I know!…

    …let as see where the future of all that stuff is in the far-side of life, not Hell or Heaven necessarily but structure in itself, yes beings on their very own feet after all sooner or later.

    – Do you know what makes a real ghost technically through the blending or physics and para-physics? I do. Beware of apparent showman in the matters!…


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