Frankfort, Kentucky – Frankfort Jaycees Haunted House

Frankfort Jaycees Haunted House
Frankfort, Kentucky

Where: St Clair Street Mall, Downtown Frankfort

Description: Fall 2006 promises to bring an all new chapter of horror to downtown Frankfort. The Jaycees and greenfactory productions have inked a deal to bring the Fall-Funk back for one more year.

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  1. Hello how are you doing my question is can you guys please bring back the haunted house that was here in Frankfort KY as there are none here to go to and I absolutely love that one so much it was my favorite one and I was looking for a good haunted house to go to this year but none as half as good as you guys are you guys are awesome and you take things to the extreme I love it and miss it and miss the scares and haunts and screams and the being scared to death but most of all the storyline that comes with it that is very awessomeee my favorite also and would love.. .love to come to it again I’ve been to your all’s haunted house a good 2 -3 times you guys did a fantastic and amazing job with it so can you guys please bring it back again for Halloween this year or next year please guys much love to you…. All a big huge fan Rebecca Wilson… Happy Halloween ?????


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