Franklinville, North Carolina – Fright Village Haunt Park

Fright Village Haunt Park
Franklinville, North Carolina

Where: 968 Faith Rock Road (off Andrew Hunter Road & Highway 64)

Description: Some things are better left ALONE! Located in an actual haunted location. 3 adult attractions and 3 family attractions in the same location.

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  1. hello I was wondering what type of family attractions you offered. I have three children ages 10 to 7 and they all love scary things in fact when we first moved in here I thought this home was haunted and I done a little research and found out that it was one of the first mill homes built on “cotton row” back in 1908 and when their father moved in back in April it all seem to stop lol. we are right across from the oldest home in Franklinville said to be the first mill owners home. anyways I would love to bring my children and could you please include prices I would greatly appreciate it.

    August Ange


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