Greenwood, Indiana – The Asylum House

The Asylum House
Greenwood, Indiana

Where: 8604 South Meridian Street

Description: During the Asylum House event you will interact with actors, props, and animatronics in full-contact, weapons-grade horror . You may get wet or dirty during this event. There are uneven grounds, loud noises, strobe lights, and dark areas. 13+
Phone: (317)919-9347


  1. this haunted house is awful. there are no more than a dozen actors through all 4 or 5 sections of the “haunt”. highly overpriced for what you get, and the 13+ age is way off. grade school children were seen through this haunted house without a scream. the few actors they did have were not enthusiastic or even trying to be, a majority of them stood with their prop…period.


  2. My dad and I have been going back to this haunt year after year, and it only seems to get more amazing every time. We use this haunt as our “standard” which we now use to compare with every other haunted attraction we go to. The attractions are scary, interesting, fresh, and fun, and the monsters and actors are so interesting to interact with. We love how the park is slightly different every year, but is always great. When friends/colleagues, etc. mention haunted houses in Indiana, I always bring up this house. Keep up the great work, and we will keep coming back!


  3. I have never been here before but ill like to be a monster instead a actor cause i like to have fun with people and interact with people and i love haunted houses and i heard good news about you guys and it seems like fun so keep up the good work.


  4. This place is a joke! I wish I could give it zero stars because that’s what it deserves! I have no idea what the haunted house entails – my review is of the zombie paintball.

    First of all when you get there they will try to sell and upgrade your paintball “experience” by leading you to believe you will need extra ammo for your gun! Do not fall for this trickery! You don’t even need two paintballs to make it through the pathetic thing they called a maze. Basically it’s a couple of sheets and mannequins sitting around.

    What I was lead to believe is that we would be walking around shooting actual humans acting as zombies but the less than two minute experience had one zombie. Pretty sure he wasn’t dressed as a zombie just a man in a carhart jacket saying “argh” – that was it! No other zombies! So let’s break it down. I paid $15 to get in and $4 upgrade on paintballs for two minutes of walking around in sheets and one zombie.

    It was $38 for my boyfriend and to get scammed into this awful fucking thing they called zombie paintball.

    Not to mention the fact that we didn’t get out free t-shirt they advertised for making it through.

    Also it’s embarrassing on another level that we talked our friends into going as well. So they spent the same amount because we talked them into going. They were lead out early on account of the girls gun not working .. Early meaning not even one minute.. And then instead of giving money back to them they handed them a Swiss cake roll. I cannot make this bullshit up.

    Don’t waste your time and certainly don’t waste your money and never take people with you… This place is awful.


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