Griffin, Georgia – Haunt Tour

Haunt Tour
Griffin, Georgia

Where: North Expressway

Description: Experiance the paranormal first hand. Upclose personal and for real. Investigate real Paranormal hot spots. Bring your digital camera and audio recorder and be forewarned this is all real paranormal activity. Can you deal with the real?
Phone: (770) 567-9864


  1. I went on the Haunt Tour last year. Its far better than any Haunted house ive ever been to. This is very scary and very real. I hope I can get to go this year. This was the highlight of my Halloween season last year.


  2. This event is real paranormal activity. The places we went to were actually haunted. We had a spirit partial appear and when we did the sitting portion with the lap top the temp dropped 20 degress. Remeber this is not for the faint of heart. The group does try to make you laugh with their comic angst but the reality of the fact is Real is real. So if you want an actual interactive experience with the Paranormal this is it. This Tour makes the others look bad. If you have went on a ghost tour before you know what i am talking about. Haunt Tour redefines the term ghost tour. I believe it should be called ultimate
    Paranormal Experience.


  3. This tour has turned into a yearly event in my life. Harold and the gang are informitive and funny. The activity is there and you will experience something reguardless of what Harold tells you. The evp thing freaks me out every year. I have done all the tours in Georgia and this is the better of them. I have even went to Waiverly in Kentucky and nothing compares to Haunt Analysts (Harold and gang) Haunt Tour. Its inexpensive but id pay even if the prices doubled. You want real? You want an experience you will not forget? You want Haunt Tour.


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