Haunted Hills of Lynches River

Haunted Hills of Lynches River is a 2 mile hayride with many interactive scenes along the trail and a walk thru haunted house. Bring your friends and climb aboard a wagon for the hour long ride in the dark, spooky swamps of Lynches River. Stops along the way include a visit from some not so friendly Clowns or you may end up on the menu at The Slaughter House. Cover your eyes as the Devil himself rises from the depths of the swamp at The Devil’s Pit and make sure your bones are still attached when you leave the Boneyard ! All this and a creepy walk thru Haunted House where you get to re-live your worst nightmares !


Address: East Lynches River Road
City: Lamar
State: South Carolina
Email: HauntedHills2007@aol.com
Phone: 843-346-7140
URL: http://hauntedhills.angelfire.com/axhisl

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