Pink Lighthouse of Castle Hill, Rhode Island

The pink lighthouse, built in 1740, was a watchtower and helped mariners heading to Newport Bay.

On April 10, 1747, tragedy struck. One Lilly Farris, daughter of the lighthouse keeper, hung herself over a broken heart in the lighthouse tower.

Ever since then, Lilly has been said to haunt the lighthouse… the fog bell rings though no one is there to work it.

Some say on the anniversary of her suicide, April 10, the noose still appears in the tower.
City: Castle Hill
State: Rhode Island


City: Castle Hill
State: Rhode Island

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  1. Wow, someone would actually kill themselves over a broken heart, that is weak man, she must’ve been very clingy then. It makes me sad to know that more women die and get into FWD: text messages or picture mail messages becaus ethey died and will supposedly kill you if you don’t send it. it only make women look bad, it makes them look scary and stong in some way, but then weak and still stuck on something and stubborn. i wish them to stop all that nonsense, i didn’t send one once and look at me, still breathing, all it is is annoying! anyways, on another note, i like the site, makes me want some blood from the person sitting next to me, mmm.


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