Riverside, California – Mistress Yvonne Annual Haunted House

Mistress Yvonne Annual Haunted House
Riverside, California

Where: 2727 Arlington Avenue

Description: Ghosts and Witches and creatures of fright, don’t miss the call of Halloween night. Come one, come all in the threads of the season, If you miss this haunt, tis’ an act of treason. Be here by six and meet your fate, Bring your soul and don’t be late!
Phone: (951) 347-0792
Website: http://www.ykaraokekompany.com/
Email: yvonne@ykaraokekompany.com
Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Riverside&state=CA&address=2727+Arlington+Avenue&zipcode=92506

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  1. Awesome, awesome, & AWESOME!!! Definitely the best free haunted maze we’ve ever seen! Had some very creepy creatures, dead and alive, the whole way through!!! Great job, loved it!


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