Shotgun Manor

For more haunting, thrill seekers can travel to Sullivan, Illinois and walk through Shotgun Manor. It is open every weekend in October through the night of Halloween. The story behind Shotgun Manor is about an eleven year old girl named Emalee who went into the house because she had ran away and was hiding from something that was evil.
I have waited all these years. My Grandpappy’s Grandpappy was swindled by that no good snake oil salesman of a brother-in-law Sam Maximus. Now Emalee is out of the way I can get what I need… what I want… WHAT IS MINE! Don’t you try to stop me. I am going to destroy what is left of that little girl… little girl, that is the last thing she is now. Emalee is a monster, a nightmare in disguise. She has become part of the house along with my grandmama’s grandmama, Lucinda. The conversion took her a might over 100 years back, but she is still alive. So you going to help me get my birthright back or not? If you want to help me kill Emalee, just choose to face every imaginary nightmare she can throw at you (believe me, there are some doozies). If you want to try to save her, me and my band of REAL nightmares are going to be getting in your way! You stepped in the middle of this, now you choose…. The old manor sits at 1600 EAST JACKSON STREET IN SULLIVAN IL. NEXT TO BARNEY OZIER TRUCKING!

. Tickets can be purchased online via their website. ( ) The cost to tour Shotgun Manor is $10-$25.


Address: 1600 East Jackson st
City: Sullivan
State: IL
Phone: 217-728-2467

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