Springfield, Ohio – Panic Box Spookhouse & Kruegers Korn Maze

Panic Box Spookhouse & Kruegers Korn Maze
Springfield, Ohio

Where: 6997 Springfield-Jamestown Rd.

Description: 2 Full Haunted Attractions! The Panic Box itself was considered “one of the most intense rooms in haunt in Ohio” in 2004 with its tight crawl spaces, loud music, and creepy critters. The attached spookhouse & maze won’t fail to disturb your senses either. Kruegers Korn Maze is an 8+ acre trip of terror, with only ONE, very disclosed, trail leading out. Bends and loops combined with everything you’ve come to fear in a haunt. FREE Live Spookshow while you wait.

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  1. Does anyone list he right website? The date it opens. How much it is…


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