Terror Trail

Finally a haunted trail and haunted house all in one. Are you claustrophobic? Well then you will enjoy our 2 claustrophobia inducing effects in addition to the 17 other highly detailed movie set like rooms. This is not just a plain ole black walled warehouse maze, you must first journey through the haunted trail to hopefully arrive at the haunted house… then the scares continue.


Address: 401 Anthony Ave.
City: Canutillo
State: TX
Email: info@texasterrortrail.com
Phone: 915-877-2110
URL: http://www.texasterrortrail.com


  1. This is the scariest haunted house in El Paso. The trail part was real creepy and dark you never knew wher they were gonna come out from. The Haunted House part had some neat effects inside like fog and cool animated props, some of the props were actually people that scared the cr… out of us. They said they will be open next year, I sure hope so cuz this was the best Haunted house I have been to in a long time.


  2. Yeah, it is in El Paso. It was a lot more fun in the haunted house. I like the way they engineered the place. The effects was just isn’t so fancy and it was really great. Hope to visit again.


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