The Haunting of Nuevo

On Oct. 20, from 5:00 until 9:00, the Nuview Elementary School will have a Fall Festival featuring a family friendly Haunted House. Besides the haunted attraction there will be carnival games and food.
The haunt is sponsored by Supervisor Marion Ashley, Papa John’s Pizza, and the Jay Hoffman Youth Dental Clinic. It is being built by THS F/X and Hall of Shadows. They have worked on TV and Movies such as Max Steel, Spiderman, Bones, and Modern Family. They have, also, worked on haunts like Alien Invasion, Bloody Bayou, Sinister Point’s Saw, The Open Grave, Coffin Creek, and Old Town Haunt.
It only costs $2.00 and all of the money goes to the Outdoor Education Fund which pays for the 5th grade Science Camp.


Address: 29690 Lakeview Ave
City: Nuevo
State: Ca.

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